Premium Image Hosting

Our premium image hosting service Imgfi is build on same platform as Gifyu but offers you more. Sign up for a free 30 days trial to experience the best of image hosting service. If you have any questions, please reach us out via contact us page.

Features Gifyu - Free Imgfi - Premium
Ads Lite ads No ads
Upload Limit Daily / hourly limit No limts
Embed Codes Basic More
Bandwidth Limit 300GB Unlimited
Large GIF Throttling 10 Mbps No limits
Restore Option Paid Free
Bulk Importer No Available
API Upload No Available
Uptime 99.5% 99.99%
Price Free $5/month or $50/year

Free 30 days trial without any payment



1. $50 - One year (One-time. 100% money back)

2. $5 - Per month (Cancel anytime. 100% money back)